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IAG is a fast-growing supplier using leading technology in phone testing and grading.

  • 200+ Hardware Tests
  • Low Return / Defect Rate
  • Full Post-Sales Service & CS Support

Founded in 2017, Infinity A Grade is a leading provider of fully tested refurbished devices with a proven track record of quality and operational excellence on e-commerce marketplaces.

Led by a team of mobile engineers, ecommerce and supply chain entrepreneurs, our team is uniquely positioned to understand the opportunities that like-new devices offer, as well as the challenges that our clients may face when purchasing them. We exist to streamline the process of purchasing like-new devices, making it easier, faster and more cost effective. 

Sourcing from top-tier telecommunication companies worldwide, we ensure a reliable and consistent inventory at competitive prices. Our IAG Testing System is built and constantly optimized based on actual testing results and return data collected from e-commerce marketplaces, making it one of the most advanced and comprehensive mobile testing solutions.

At Infinity A Grade, all devices are thoroughly assessed with 200+ point diagnostic tests, ensuring every device we process is fully functional, accurately graded and truly ready for sale.

With an extensive warehouse network in Asia-Pacific, America and Europe, we are ready to ship to wherever you are.

Infinity A Grade is an established seller on eBay, BackMarket and Amazon, with an average return rate of 2.5%.

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Only Supplier of Tested Smartphone

Unlike many different suppliers in the market, all our products are tested and 100% fully functional before delivery, it would highly reduce your cost of return and customer service.

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Clear Grading Standard

You will get a clear picture of the different grading standard of our tested phone. It will ensure the accuracy of your listing and be able to well-manage your customer's expectation.

  • Casting Cleaning
  • 200+ Hardware Tests
  • Interaction Tests
  • Battery Tests

Testing Report Available

You can check the testing report online with tested phone's IMEI, it includes the testing date/grading/functionality of 200+ parts of the device.

We already tested all functions you need.

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Casting Cleaning


200+ Hardware Tests


Interaction Tests


Battery Tests

Overseas Warehouse

An extensive global warehouse network is vital for a successful eCommerce business. Our network covers Europe / America / Australia, enabling fast fulfilling and return process.

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